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November 1st, 2010, 10:30 AM
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okay I have a few questions and lots of for you

did they break your water? If they did, don't let them break it this time maybe?

and i think for them to suggest a c-section at this point is insane!!! i think when your doctor is back you can put all those suggetions on the back burner. Meconium CAN be dangerous yes, but it in no way should solely indicate a c-section. Brylie's apgars were 0/0/3/9 (they did 1,3,5,10 min because the first two were 0) and I still had her back in less than 10 minutes (seemed like hours, but after reading my chart it was about 8 minutes)

also, i have made it VERY clear that if I ever end up in the c-section room, unless my baby needs to go to the NICU, that we will be doing skin to skin immediately, the same way we would if she was a vaginal birth - and my CNM was perfectly fine with that. (I know two people who have had c-sections at the hospital and done immediate skin to skin, never once separated from the baby til they were ready for the weight, etc) so look into that, just so you have your piece of mind!

okay, so now my big question (sorry if I missed the reason) why does this doctor think a scheduled c-section will be "necessary"? Is it just because of the meconium history? (and your sweet girls blood transfusion, which they never discovered a reason for right? she just wasn't doing well? I can't remember, sorry??)

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