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November 1st, 2010, 11:02 AM
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With my son, his water broke before labor started. There was no meconium in his water, but he did pass meconium before he was born.

With my daughter, I had them break my water when I was in transition. I was falling asleep between contractions and wanted to get to pushing. I was a "stretchy nine" and was told that I could push whenever I felt like it. At that point her water had thick meconium in it, so it's likely that whatever caused her to lose blood had probably already happened at that point (as it would have caused fetal distress, which can cause the baby to pass meconium).

I had been the first one to bring up c-section. I was trying to gauge if my history would freak out a doctor so much that he or she would overreact to a bad EFM reading. In explaining that I wanted to avoid a c-section, the doctor made his planned c-section suggestion.

I've already thought about requesting immediate skin-to-skin in the OR if I do need a c-section. I haven't brought it up because I'm still so early and I don't even know if they'll try to force one on me yet.

All I know is (1) I don't want another grey, limp baby at birth, (2) I'm afraid of any surgery (c-section included), and (3) I'm probably going to tear the head off of anyone that tries to take my newborn away from me!
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