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November 3rd, 2010, 02:32 PM
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Our little girl finally decided to join us October 28th, 2010 at 10pm, 5 days past her due date. I woke up that morning very upset that she had not arrived. My SO got home from work early around 2pm and I decided to work on some Sudokus and soak in the tub. At the end of the bath, I decided to turn on the jets for a minute and instantly had a pretty strong contraction. I’d been having them for a week by then, but just not regular or painful. I did not want to think too much of it and get my hopes up so I got dressed and we went out for a while. While walking through a store I realized they were coming around every 10 minutes and we needed to get going. On the way home they started getting intense. My SO dropped me off and took our daughter to get some Chinese take-out. I laid down on the couch and they stayed at that interval and when I got up they were five minutes apart. I ate a little and then suddenly the smell of the food turned my stomach. Around 6:30 I called the midwife just to let her know what was going on. She said it sounded like I was having to work pretty hard to talk through them and that she would be on her way. I called SO’s mother to pick up our daughter and we started filling the birthing tub.

The midwife’s assistant was already in town so she showed up 20 minutes later. I had to drop to my hands and knees or hug my yoga ball with every contraction, which were coming about every 5 minutes and lasting 45 seconds. When the midwife arrived she asked if I wanted to be checked and I said no. Baby was doing fine and I did not want to be discouraged. They all went around setting up and I tried to straighten up the house every time I could. Finally I felt like I should use the restroom so I asked if I could go upstairs, she said I could #2 as long as I was not having a contraction. They followed me up the stairs and waited. After, they checked me and I was a 9! I was convinced I would only be at 4 or 5 and the fact that I was almost ready to push scared me. We went back downstairs and I got in the tub.

The tub was set up in the corner of our living room under some red paper lanterns. We had candles lit and my SO was in charge of the play list. The whole environment was so soothing, calm and yet exciting which is why I think I progressed so quickly (and my body was ready). It was nothing like the drama of the cold hospital room and staff I did not know. The midwife checked me a few times and was guiding me on how to breathe or moan through the contractions. They were telling me how strong I was and that soon we would meet our little girl. I told her I was scared to push so she had me do a few test pushes to see if we could get her to come down a little. I did and around 9:30 we decided to go ahead and break my water to get things moving. I was still scared but finally just put my trust fully in them and let go and asked her to tell me when to push and when to stop. I felt her with my hand as she was crowning and I can still remember the midwives voice and tone as she was explaining every moment what was happening and what I was feeling. She was so calm and I was screaming through pushing, thinking I was going to tear in half, but kept doing as she instructed. She cried as soon as they lifted her from the water and placed her on my chest. She was 8lbs. 10oz and 22 inches long. From start to finish, labor was 6.5 hours and only the last hour and a half was difficult. I only had a little skid mark and no tearing so healing is going great. I am so grateful that everything turned out beautifully and now we have two healthy daughters. Thanks for reading.

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