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July 5th, 2006, 07:57 AM
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This is why DH is NOT allowed to have a myspace account.. Call me overbearing, controlling whatever.. Ive had issues with DH talking to girls on msn, yahoo, aim and d/l porn and lying to me about it, and a few sites he lied to me about and told me he had no accounts there.. So basically he can only use msn messenger and if he messes up again one of two things will happen.. Either I will have all of his passwords to everything or he will no longer be able to use msn.. Once this has become a issue no matter if its a myspace account or whatever it will ALWAYS be an issue.. You may have access to that one but, what if he has an account somewhere else you dont know about? Those are the things I would be wondering about.. I am slowly starting to trust DH again but I am so very cautious.. I check the cookies daily, I check internet history daily.. If I didnt live so far away from my family and friends this internet would be so gone.. If I continue to have problems with it.. Family or not.. It will be gone.. You can only live like this for so long, only deal with this stress and trust issues for so long.. I really hope this situation works out for you and you no longer will have problems with DH..[/b]
For some reason I never had a problem with my DH before MySpace. I always knew who he was talking to and everything because he was the one who showed me. And for the first month or 2, he didn't really do much with his MySpace until I designed his page really cool and everything. Then he started adding people he went to school with and fellow EMS, both male & female. But then strange females started showing up with bi opientations, into the BDSM and even one cow who was about 500 lbs. and modeling in sexy lingerie (lots of guys surprisingly found this exciting...I have nothing against the bigger plus sized (I am considered plus size at 175 lbs. but COME ON!) and being really secretive, changing his passwords and stuff. Then he started sending comments saying "hey sexy" and stuff like that. OK if he wants to call anyone sexy, he can call his own wife that unless he finds me repulsive or something.

I guess now neither of us are adding people of the opposite sex unless we have each other's approval. I can agree to that. Only guys I add are people who have some sort of significance like I went to school with them or know them outside of MySpace. A lot of the people on my friends list are from JM too.

Also, we worked out an agreement about comments. We are not to say things like "sexy" to another people. I don't mind affectionate terms such as "sweetie." "Honey" is out only because I won't even let DH call me that cuz my sister's name is Honi. We are both affectionate people towards our friends but there comes a point where the affection turns a totally inappropriate way!

In the same aspect I told him the other day I am not going to be a doormat because his parents basically traumatized him with the way they were. If he has issues with that, then maybe he needs to speak to a counselor.
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