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November 5th, 2010, 08:02 PM
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I'll be posting all these steps when finished in a Recipe Challenge post in the Challenges Subforum, so make sure you add your layout there too!

1. You need to pick 3 papers. Your main paper cannot be the full 12x12 size, it needs to be shrunken in some way, but no smaller than 10x10. The paper you put under it needs to contrast with it. Ignore the 3rd for now.
2. Pick 2 photos, crop them to the same size. (ie. Same size circles, squares, triangles, etc. Then you need to pick 5 or more elements, plus you need one ribbon and one border type element and a fastener of some type (button/tape/photo edge things/etc). DO NOT PLACE ANY OF THEM YET.
3. Use a guide (or drawn line) to divide your paper in half either horizontally or vertically. Use that last paper to create a mat that you will duplicate so that you have it on both sides of the divide spot. (Can be a simple rectangle or other shape if you like)
4. Place one photo on top of each mat (any placement you like center, edge, etc), also place the ribbon and scallop on one side of both mats.
5. Place your elements. Whatever you put on one side you have to put on the other, so in the end you will have duplicated every element you use at least once. It does not have to be symmetrical. (20 minutes)
6. Add a title using two fonts, or two alphas. (Or one font and one alpha)
7. Add shadows and journaling and remove your guides and finish your page up!

Don't forget to post your pages here too!
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