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November 7th, 2010, 07:25 AM
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Hey girls! I'm new..

But anyways, the reason for this post:

I'm already plus size and pregnant with 2 kids (1 tot and 1 school ager). I still breastfeed the youngest.

I know you need to eat healthy while pregnant and even more so while pregnant AND nursing. I am 5'3" and 254 lbs. (I've already lost 47 pounds from the last pregnancy.) But I don't want to go overboard and gain as much weight as I did with my last pregnancy. I've been dieting so I really have NO idea how much to eat now lol. Help?!? How much of WHAT should I be eating?

I'm still waiting on my Medicaid to go through before I can even schedule my first appointment. I have NO clue as to how far along I am, as I have not had a TOM since before I was pregnant with my daughter (Dec. 2008). I know I need to eat enough for baby ... but do I still need to replace the 500 cals from breastfeeding?

My 13 mo. old still nurses more than she eats (and I plan on continuing bfing her until either she's 2 or she weans herself). The doctors say she's healthy, and I do offer her meals and snacks throughout the day.

ANY help would be appreciated!
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