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November 7th, 2010, 09:46 AM
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Hi there,

Congrats on the pregnancy. I wish I could answer your question by giving you a certain number of calories but I can't. When I conceived this baby to be born, I had to wait until I could see a dietician. I am also on state medical care and they were able to set me up with a consult to get my basic metabolic rate and go over what I should eat. When you have your first appointment, I would insist on such an appointment for yourself so that you have a professional answer to your questions of what and how much.

I was in short told that I really only needed to eat 100 calories more than my metabolic rate of 1900 calories ( they used a formula to figure it out based on my current diet and exercise) to keep my weight and the baby to be healthy. I was told that when I breast feed this baby when she is born, then I am to only eat the same amount of calories as I am now. ( I will not be eating 500 cal a day more than my basic metabolic rate) I know that by doing it this way, I will most likely lose weight while breast feeding.

I would say that the dietician would figure out your basic metabolic needs, which would include breast feeding and etc and go from there.

As far as how much your youngest is eating verses nursing, I would consult the pediatrician and see what they think. Do they know you are pregnant again? I would also check out the food pyramid that is available from this website. You can find the pyramid that would apply to you and they also have a kid pyramid too. - United States Department of Agriculture - Home

this pyramid is for pregnancy and breast feeding - United States Department of Agriculture

I hope this helps out and good luck!!
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