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July 5th, 2006, 11:45 AM
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I am also replying as a DIL from a different aspect. My MIL has always been there for us. I have never tried to keep my DH or DS from her at all. I have always encouraged her to spend time with them. I do know though when there is a new baby, the mother does get protective of the baby, especially in infancy. I didn't want a lot of people coming over or going a lot of places with the kids.
I see the way my DH's SIL is. She lives 4 blocks from my IL's but would rather walk 10 blocks to HER parents house instead. Holidays HER family gets to spend all day with the kids and by the time they come to my DH's family's house, the kids are cranky and then she whisks them right home. It hurts my in-laws so much for that to happen. My BIL just lets everything go.

I can see her point initially but just try to make sure it doesn't stay that way. If you notice you spending less and less time with your GS, bring it up to her in a nice way that you want to spend more time with him.

Congrats on becoming a grandma!
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