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November 8th, 2010, 06:54 PM
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okay well heres the situation: BM was in town, she wanted to take SD out her last night. She told DH she was taking SD to Benihanna's, a very expensive restaurant. Later on she called DH and said that he and I should come. DH said we would think about it. Well DH and I talked and said that we dont usually go to restaurants that expensive, but we did want to show a united front with SD. So DH went on the website and checked the prices and found a dinner for two thats $37 dollars so we figured we would stick with that and go.

SD sat in between BM and her sister-in-law to be. BM helped SD pick out what she wanted from the menu. SD decided on the shrimp and steak, and a smoothie.

At the end of the meal when the waitress brought the check BM stopped her and told her to put SD on our check. We ended up paying $86 for the bill, $101 with the tip. really? She was taking SD there anyway. Am I wrong??

I also found my self apologizing to BM's SIL because I kept having to reach over her to help SD (9) with her hot tea being too hot, or food she didnt like and needed to spit out ect...

Other than that it was a pretty good night though. I mean we all got along great and had a few laughs. I even didnt mind taking care of SD while she was there, I just felt bad reaching over the girl next to me. But getting stuck with the big check was just wrong I think.
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