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November 9th, 2010, 11:13 PM
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As a daycare employee myself, I find this thread VERY interesting because I've found myself discussing these things with parents (infant-toddlers)

- TV thing..just make it educational & AGE APPROPRIATE

- Holding too much.. I love that parents hold their kids, theres no better person to do so, HOWEVER, when a child wants to be packed by you for the 6HRS at DC or else scream/tantrum/cry until you pick them back up its definitely considered an issue. most DC have between 1/4 or 1/7 ratios and you cant give them equal love & attention if a particular child is unconsoliable the entire day.

- Cry it out..Working with kids you begin to understand their tone when they are hurt, whiny, mad or upset. If the child is whinny I prefer they try to self sooth (then help) otherwise they do become more dependant. I as a DC instructor want nothing more than to help kids to learn, develop & be LOVED!
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