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May 3rd, 2005, 06:16 PM
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Well she has calmed down a little. We went to NC a few weeks ago and she let SO spend most of the day with his dd without her present. He asked her about more visitation and she said she is moving closer to the TN/NC border so it will only be a 4 hour drive now. Says she will meet us in gatlinburg. The divorce papers should have been served by now which makes me nervous because she claims she isn't sure what they say about visitation. And we haven't seen them. She knows I'm pregnant.(Kinda hard to hide at this point) Hasn't said anything about it. Told SO if she trys to pull anything we'll take her to court. It's not like he wants custody. Just visitation.
I have come to realize the main source of the problem is her SO. Saying that he should pay more child support so he and Emma's mom can go out more.
The one thing that did get me mad is SO has health insurance on his dd. His exwife is sending us an emergancy room bill and expects us to pay the whole co pay. His dd fell off the steps and was taken then. Nothing is wrong with her. What I'm mad about is she could have taken her to the doctors office. She wasn't bleeding and had even stopped crying before she ever put her in the car. He has the insurance and I have no problem with paying half the copay but not all of it. She has also sent us chiropractor bills for her. Why is she taking a 2 year old to a chiropractor so much?

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