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November 11th, 2010, 05:12 PM
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My mom's neighbor has a stray cat that has been visiting over here for the past 2 months. I feed her when she visit. Tonight, my sister and I were petting her same time for like 15 mins and she jumped on the top of freezer. We pet her and all of a sudden she bit my hand. I immediately went to the sink and washed the bit off with soap. She is not mean.. she is very friendly and loves attention. I think she bit me cuz she may have gotten overstimulated by me and my sister petting her same time.

I'm afraid of rabies. Should I worry? sighs this never ends!

I'm looking at the hand and I don't see bite mark.. but I do see little redness on it.
I am 20 weeks pregnant.

Age 36 with PCOS, poor ovarian reserve (.197), and blocked left fallopian tube.
We are TTC our 2nd blessing baby.
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