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November 11th, 2010, 08:40 PM
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I just have some questions and ould appriciate if you guys could help me...
Im gonna be due dis 14 of November but my dr says if my water dont brake
by then she's gonna induce me on the 18th. I made it very clear dat i dont wanna be
induced but she says i have no other option cause she wont let her patients go past 41
weeks! Da problem is im only 1 cm dilated and im scared that trying to induce me im gonna be
stressed about it andnot be able 2 dilate and then there gonna dome a c section. Im 17 and i dont want a c section. I know i can have my baby girl all by myself but she nees 2 be patient seems 2
me that she cares about her and not me...
What can i do? Do you guys have any advice?
Should i see another dr and get a second opinion?
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