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November 12th, 2010, 10:55 AM
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M/C #1 ~ I was 5wks when it happened passed naturally.

Missed M/C#1- M/C#2~ I went in for a first ultrasound at 10wks, dr measured baby at 6wk range somehow, 1 wk later at 11wks i started bleeding went to the ER they measured baby in the 8wk range, I ended up passing the baby at what would had been 13wks along naturally at home, they did some testing just made sure it was passed intact which it was the microscopic testing they did showed nothing abnormal at all.

Missed M/C #2- M/C #3~ I went in for my first ultrasound at 7wk 3days and was told the baby measured 6wks, a week later i went for a follow up and was told there was a empty sac yet my beta # had risen since the week before. I then set up another follow up for 11/11. Oh yeah i was on 100mg progesterone and had been bleeding since i started taking it. 11/9 i started cramping and bleeding and passing huge clots and tissue, collected the tissue, went to the ER. In the ER i made sure to ask for chromosomal testing to be done on the tissue, well they accidentally put in it formalin as protocol when it should had been put in saline. I was told the pathology lab might still be able to salvage some tissue from it dispite that screw up. 11/11 i went to my appointment that the ER told me to keep and go to... well i found out there is still tissue there failed to tell me this. The dr measured the tissue to be 6wk1day and said she wasn't sure what the tissue was that i gave to the ER. It gets better thankfully the beta is dropping but she gave me a script to Cytotec. I will be taking it tonight and then tomorrow. She was kinda rude in saying she didn't think that if i save the tissue that they will be able to do any testing on it, i kinda doubt that it's still tissue. I should be around 10wks along.

Edited to add today 11/14 at what would have been 10wks i'm 100% i passed the the tissue that the ultrasound showed was still there, my bleeding was down to like nothing, no cramping at all when i passed it either. I don't think the Cytotec had anything to do with me passing the tissue today.

I have is in a zip lock bag with some water, and plan on calling the appointment line at 7am tomorrow ( we have Kaiser) and trying to get a appointment with the Dr the ER told me i could follow up with since we arent fully moved out of this area yet, i plan on having them do testing on the tissue. I want answers this is my 2nd missed miscarriage and this baby took 3 years to get pregnant with.

I have also had a few chemical pregnanies between but none got far enough to confirm by a dr.

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