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November 12th, 2010, 11:31 PM
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1. You need to pick 1 picture, it will be used twice. Edit one version of it so it is noticeably edited. (for example monotone, dreamy colors or softness etc)

2. You will need 5 papers 1 solid, 4 patterned. Pick one then lay your solid paper on top of it. The bottom paper will need to peek out from behind the solid in some way. The other 3 patterned papers need to be clipped into shapes.

3. Place your edited picture so that the center of your picture is in the exact center of your papers. The picture does not need to be bigger than 5 inches wide. Your papers clipped into shapes need to be behind the picture but still able to be seen.

4. You will need 1 bow, 1 large word strip (word element with 3+ words) or 2 small word strips (word element with 2-), 5 circular elements (flowers count), 2 ribbons, 1 ric rac, 2 stitches, 1 frame, and at least 2 more elements of your choice. (EXCEPT THE TWO ELEMENTS OF YOUR CHOICE THE AMOUNT IS SPECIFIC)

5. Tuck copy of picture in somewhere that it seems to peek out behind/around other things.

5. Add your shadows/title work/journaling, finish your page up and post it here!

((Directions from 11/12 Friday Night Speed Scrap - pages made for the Speed Scrap can be submitted for this Recipe Challenge))

Here's mine from the Speed Scrap to give you a general idea.
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