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November 13th, 2010, 10:32 AM
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My temp dipped down to 97.6 today and I'm in my 2WW, but am only 8DPO. Last cycle when my temp went down I got AF that same day. So, I'm REALLY hoping my temp shoots back up tomorrow - That would be really cool if this was an implantation dip.

It's really disappointing because last night I had a dream that I got pregnant and had like, 5 different pregnancy tests confirm it. I woke up thinking: Woah! This is the first time I've had a dream like that - I really hope I'm pregnant! And then, the dreaded temperature dip.

So, not only do I have an ovarian cyst, I also have a really short luteal phase. Blah. Anyhow - Here's my chart:
311123 Ovulation Charts

Only thing that I can think of that's different is that I had to take my temperature at 4:45 this morning because the cats woke me up. I keep waking up really early right before 6 and ending up taking my temp too soon because of the danged cats....

UPDATE: Period didn't come today - just a lot of gushy clear liquid. YUCK! I wore a panty-liner to work today expecting my period and instead got all of this clear liquid stuff.

UPDATE 2: Extremely out. Painfully out. AF came at 1:30 this morning and I haven't been able to sleep since - I'm in a lot of pain, not sure if it's because of the ovary or not...OMG. Hurts so bad. In addition to that, hubby and his friend got really drunk, so I've been by myself all night and there's fricking puke in my bathroom sink and bath...SO MAD. Can't sleep, DH is drunk, Nate is passed out on the couch and my tummy hurts so bad...

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