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July 6th, 2006, 09:37 AM
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The hardest part of being a mom?

Watching my children grow.. That might not make sense to some... but that's really hard for me.. it's hard for me to put away the infant seat... To get them on the bus.. To buy them bigger sized shoes.. clothes.. To let them be independent (Trust me I let them, its just very hard for me)

It's hard for me to let them out of my sight.. to let them hang out with their friends....

I'm having a really hard time with my baby (I swear even though he's only 11 months he prefers "big boy" then "baby boy" lol) I find myself having that baby fever here and there just because I miss him being so little.... Although I'm surrounded by preggos.. it would have been nice if we all could have been pregs together but at least I had my SIL to suffer with me.. Now the babies are 1mth apart!

Another part that's hard for me, and it's not as bad now that I'm 25 as it was when I was 18. Is being a young mom.. True alot of my friends were young moms and have kids and that's great.. but theres always that tiny part of me that kinda thinks what things would be like if I didn't have kids.. I'd have more freedom.. but thats only temp... I'm glad things are the way they are.. I'm never lonely....

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