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November 13th, 2010, 02:06 PM
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First of all, the doctor CANNOT FORCE YOU to be induced, or any other medical treatment for that matter. You have the right to make the decisions on what is done to your body, and to your baby as well. The tough part is making INFORMED choices based on facts, not scare tactics, what if's or stubborness. You have the right and responsibility really to know 1 why the doctor wants to do this-are you and/or baby at any medical risk? If not, why the interference?! 2 the type and likelihood of risk 3 the type and likelihood of risk from NOT doing it 4 If you agree, what are the side effects and/or other medical interventions that may be needed from doing this? (Like, taking pitocin=tougher contractions=greater chance of epidural)

If there is no risk/signs of distress/you and baby are healthy, there's no need to say you have to be induced at 41 weeks. You are smart to question the doctor on this, and to realize our bodies & babies should be the timers, not a due (guess) date. Try & relax Mama, and know that YOU are in charge, not the doctor!
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