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November 13th, 2010, 10:33 PM
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Aww..thank u all 4 yer responds..
im gonna schedule an appt with another obgyn
on monday and hear wat he has 2 say. Im just very scared cause i read 70-80 percent
of all inductions end with a csection n i think im 2 young 2 have one. If he tells me there is
no need 2 be induced i wont go in on the 18th and drop her as my dr. I feel that if i cant trust her now and she cant listen 2 me now that im just pregnant wat are the chances i can trust her while im giving birth? Im not gonna be comfortable. Now if my baby has any medical risk i'll do it right away
but if not i wanna go into labor naturally until my body is ready....anyways thank you
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