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November 14th, 2010, 10:22 AM
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You're very welcome. A c-section isn't the end of the world, but it is an often over-used, unnecessary way to deliver, that DOES have risks of it's own, and will affect your choices and options for future children you may have. I had a planned c-section in 2004 because my daughter was "big" at 8lbs 15oz AND frank breech. Had I known the ripple effect it would have on future pregnancies, the risks of repeat c/s, and a crystal ball to foretell my back issues, I would have gone for the external version & Webster technique to try & turn her to attempt vaginal birth. A lot of moms don't know that inductions do increase the rate of c/s, so kudos to you for knowing that, and knowing what you are and aren't comfortable with when it comes to your pregnancy, birth, and your baby's health. I have learned a lot from the natural childbirth board on here, and also and International Cesarean Awareness Network Childbirthconnection has a printout of "The Rights of Childbearing Women" which was very helpful to me, and also a way to let doctors and hospital know that you know you have a say. It's crazy, really - what other major health care procedure would a patient be bullied, scared, tricked, baited-and-switched, or plain not told what was being done to them?! And birth involves 2 lives. Go figure!
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