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November 16th, 2010, 04:44 AM
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I right now am living with my sis and her kids well her oldest is in middle school and his friends just came over to walk with him to the bus stop and they dont have coats !!! Its Michigan the news says its 32 here but feels colder and all they have is hoodies on ?!?!?! I asked them where is your coats and both kids said we dont have one. I asked why and one said he gave his to his younger brother cuz his didnt fit anymore. Well I understand not having money but I bought both my kids coats for less then $25 each. We also have a salvation army a few miles down the road. Why as cold as it is do they not have coats there is no excuse for it in my eyes. Maybe I'm wrong but still make sure your kids stay warm !!!

I'm going to be a grandma

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