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November 16th, 2010, 08:11 AM
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Tuesday November 16

Yesterday we started another "nursing sabatical"/"nursing challenge". I felt really bad, but I wanted to get Natalie nursing more frequently so she did not get any formula during the day. Her weight has been up so I thought she'd be up to it. She was quite fussy and did not nap well at all yesterday, but I accomplished my goal and got her nursing a lot more. By midnight she woke up and nursed for a good hour. At 1am I finally decided to give her a little formula as she has been taking 10-14 ounces a day supplement to keep her weight up. I only planned to give her 1-2 ounces, but the poor girl needed some sleep so I went up to 4 ounces. I figure that dropping from 10-14 ounces supplement to 1-2 might be too much of a cut so I went ahead and gave her 2 more for a total of 4 ounces. I didn't give her any more supplement and she woke up and nursed again around 3 or 4 am.

I know yesterday I tallied all of her breastmilk feeds between 9am and 8pm and she got in 314 grams or 10 1/2 ounces total. I am not sure how much she got overnight as I don't weigh her at night. I know I weighed her in the morning and her weight was a tiny bit up from yesterday so I figured we'd try again today and hope to make some progress. Today's weigh-feed-weighs are not as good as I had hoped, but I think her nursing more last night is why I had less milk this morning. I am going to play it by ear today. I will not supplement during the day, but since it took 4 ounces to keep her weight up I will probably give her 4 ounces again overnight if she wakes up and nurses longer than an hour overnight.

I find that not supplementing can cause her to go on a nursing strike and that makes things worse. If she doesn't get milk coming out she starts to reject the breast so supplementing a little helps to keep her nursing which is imperative to keeping my supply up.

Here's our feeds for the day.

7:38am - 78 grams (2.6 ounces) BM
9:40 am - 54 grams (1.8 ounces) BM
10:40 am - 26 grams (0.86 ounces) BM
11:55 am - 24 grams (0.8 ounces) BM
1:00 pm 13 grams (0.43 ounces) BM

*1:30 pm - 77 grams formula with SNS (2.56 ounces) Since Natalie only took in 6.5 ounces today I went ahead and gave her some formula with an SNS. I am trying to get her to nurse more frequently, not starve her to death. Every time I have to give her formula it gets me upset. Not sure why I haven't got used to it by now. I'm quite stubborn. This time I only gave her 2 1/2 ounces where she has been taking 4 ounces at a time. I am at the very least determined to reduce the amount of supplement back down. We had it steady at 6-8 ounces a day until she hit a growth spurt and it went up to 8-16 ounces a day. I will give her more formula around dinner time and once overnight again aiming to keep it at 6-8 ounces at most of formula today. I really want her weaned completely off, but at the very least I want it back down to where we were. I really am quite mad at my body lately!

3:08 pm - 26 grams (0.86 ounces) BM
4:37 pm - 38 grams (1.26 ounces) BM
6:42 pm - 40 grams (1.33 ounces) BM
8:30 pm - 26 grams (0.86 ounces) BM

Totals - 10 times feeding during the day for a total of 325 grams or 10.83 ounces. Plus 2.5 ounces of formula. (Plus night feedings which I do not do weigh ins on.)

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