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November 16th, 2010, 10:21 PM
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I moved across the country when my daughter was 6 months old, she's a year old now.
I was seeing a doctor before I moved, who was trying to assess if I was experiencing PPD or something else. (I have bi-polar disorder). The doctor couldn't tell which was which, and neither could I.

Well we had to move for my DH's work. I have been completely untreated, and I know that it is becoming unbearable for my whole family to deal with me. I still can't tell if it's one or the other or if it's even possible to be both. Because of the bpd, I can't take the normal medications they offer for PPD, and it will probably just make the whole situation worse. It's a pretty delicate situation, I feel pretty lost and alone. I live in one of the biggest cities in the country, and there were all sorts of support groups for people with bpd and public health programs, but now I'm in a really rural area. Plus I'm new and have no idea how the system works here.

Either way, there is no real public health office here, and there are no doctors taking new I don't know where to turn to. Should I go to the hopsitals psych ward? They might have an outpatient program (some hospitals do this), but I'm worried that going there, due to my history, they would just keep me there.

I have been aware that I need help for some time now, and I know I'm new to this board, so I guess that makes me feel a little better in posting this here.

ANYWAYS I just don't know what to do really, it was so simple when I knew where the doctors office was and had psychologists and therapists I spent years building trust I have to go through that all over again! It's scary!
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