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November 18th, 2010, 02:46 PM
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So I met with the midwife at the birthing center today. I really liked it there, it was a super nice atmosphere, and everyone was super nice. Every question I asked they answered excatly the way I would have wanted... They dont induce or force C-sections, but they do play it very safe and try to be overly cautious about it. You can move, eat, drink, give birth in a tub, and they will massage your back while you are in pain... sounds like a good deal to me! EXCEPT....

I asked do you have ANY form of pain medication? Their answer is no.

I knew I couldnt get an epidural there, which is fine... but I thought maybe they would have lighter forms of things that I could have if I truly felt I needed it. No. This makes me nervous. Do I want to put myself in the position where I dont have the option?

They did say that sometimes a woman really wants an epidural so they are transfered to the hospital...

So ladies... how bad is the pain?.... really....

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