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November 18th, 2010, 03:10 PM
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That's pretty typical for birthing centers and midwives. Personally I would rather get an epidural than IV meds. I know the method of admistration is easier but the sideffects IMO are worse.

So this is my take on the pain of contractions, (I know this is not how hynobaby people view it), labor is hard work and it can be painful. But it's pain for a reason, your body is pushing out your baby. So it's different than a broken bone or a punch in the gut. It's all about your preperation and mind set. If you are iffy about going without pain meds going into it, you might have a bad experience in a situation without pain meds available. There are exceptions to that. There are some women who just get through easily without any preperation or that have quick labors and there isn't time. But don't count on being in that group. I think you need to decide what you really want and go for it.

Research the different pain meds you were thinking you might want and see if you really like the idea of that. If you do then maybe the birth center isn't the right choice. Or maybe you decide you don't like the idea of them for one reason or another and stick with the birth center. Or you might decide your desire for a birth center out ways your desire for pain meds.

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