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November 19th, 2010, 04:19 AM
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Day 5

Well, disappointed. My supply was exactly the same yesterday as the day before. Considering I thought it would be down from all the nursing I did the night before I guess it was okay. I did not wind up supplementing as much as I planned to overnight because she didn't demand it. I nursed a TON last night and I heard her sucking and swallowing and she stayed latched on so I think my supply is coming up at night. The only thing is her weight was a tad down this morning. I try not to look at one weight in isolation though. I've been weighing her daily for a long time and even with a ton of supplement on board her weight fluctuates a certain amount daily. Just the same if her weight is not up tomorrow I will be bumping the supplement back up. I feel like my supply is up at night, but I don't weigh at night so it's hard to say for sure how much it is up. This mornings first morning feed she got in 80 grams (2 2/3 ounces) so I think we are off to a good start today. She is smiling, happy, and content at the moment so going from there. I'm hoping the rest of the day will go as well.

Goals - Still aiming for 400 grams during the day and at least 3 night feeds for now. I'd like to get up to 500-600 grams during the day and 3 night feeds, but that I do not to expect to happen quickly.

Supplements/foods I am using - Domperidone, More Milk Special Blend, Goat's Rue, Alfafa, Marshmallow, and Iron Supplement with a Multivitamin. ** I reduced domperidone to 4 pills 3 times a day from 4 pills 4 times a day. Honestly I don't think the domperidone is working for me, but am afraid to cut it out yet. I don't think the More Milk Special Blend is doing anything for me either, but going to continue and finish off the bottle. Goat's Rue is the only one that I think maybe is doing something for me. I added in the Alfafa and Marshmallow yesterday evening to see if it will help.

Weight - 10lb 12.4oz

Daily Intake - will edit and add tomorrow morning.

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