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November 19th, 2010, 11:25 AM
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Well, it does hurt, yes. Out of all the pain in my life, I wouldn't say that childbirth is even in my top three most painful experiences, though. During labor, you know the pain is productive and that each contraction brings you closer to your goal of birthing your baby. Once the baby comes out, really the pain just evaporates. It's fantastic. I don't think I remembered the pain even a week after my son was born because that was such a small and incidental part of the whole birthing process and really wasn't unbearable.

I also found that for me, not allowing myself a way to opt out is helpful to achieving the birth experience that I want. I think I COULD labor and birth naturally in a hospital where epidurals and pain-killers were available, but it is very grating and wearisome to have someone hounding you about doing something you don't want to while you are in labor. That is why I definitely prefer a home/ birth center setting for birth because while I do have someone to know if something is wrong and can foresee it, they aren't creating problems before they exist (you're not progressing fast enough, why don't you take this to relax, baby is too big, etc.).

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