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November 19th, 2010, 01:29 PM
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I would get an Australian Shepherd or Boxer. They're amazing with kids but great for keeping watch over the house. I grew up with an Australian Shepherd and I've known many friends with boxers.

If you didn't have your heart set on a large breed, I'd say get a Shiba Inu! They look like miniature Husky's or foxes, but they are the most protective dogs I've ever seen. No one can enter our house without her barking ferociously and she'll follow you around the entire time you're in without ever letting you out of her sight. If you make a sudden move, she will bark. After a few times of coming over, she'll only bark for a second or two. But she wouldn't hurt a fly! She's a big Husky in a tiny body. Her name's Maya.

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