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November 20th, 2010, 07:47 AM
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Yesterday was depressing. Not journaling totals. Not journaling weights. She got almost exactly the same amount as the day before. Although I missed a weight on one of the feedings, but by comparing it to time of day and amount I usually get it wouldn't have made a substantial difference. At best I was up 1/2 ounce. I will probably still weigh today, but tomorrow I will be taking off from doing weigh feed weighs and will supplement as needed. Today I will most likely be bumping the supplement back up. I'm just going to see how things go. If she needs it she will get it. I am going to try not to fret about this. Not much I can do but keep plugging along. I'm not going to have my child starving either. I have figured out some new tricks to make the SNS feel more natural and that is making things much easier for me and Natalie. The one thing I have changed with the SNS though is how much I am giving a feeding. Before I was using it a couple times a day with about 4 ounces at a feeding. Now I am breaking it up and only giving an ounce to two ounces at a feeding, but not at every feeding. Just when I see she needs it. I was planning to return the scale I was renting this month, but I think I will keep it one more month. I want to keep the scale until she is on solids. I kind of think we will be supplementing until we start solids, but who knows. Maybe I'll get lucky and things will improve. Not holding my breath at this point.

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