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November 20th, 2010, 05:21 PM
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I rarely if ever bring anything to my parents house for the holiday other than a bottle of wine that I tap into during the meal. In fact when I was in college I would show up with tupperwear and load up before I left.

I think it depends solely on family dynamics, no one would bat an eye if you showed up empty handed at anyones home. We'll usually ask if they need anything but most times the answer is no. I'd prefer it if you didn't to anything at my home but understand if it's a traditional food I'm not offering. I usually go overboard to begin with and end up with way too much food being offered.
Originally Posted by AMDG View Post
I agree and that was what i was getting at - I don't there is etiquette that must be followed when dealing with family. The difference between what was acceptable with your family vs. what Kes described shows that. If I showed up to a family gathering with a 2-Liter or a bag of chips people would look at me like I was absolutely crazy but that is because that is because our family dynamics are different. No right or wrong - no proper etiquette - just different.
I bring something because I feel like it's proper manners to do so, because that's what my mother taught me. No in the family but me brings anything, and no one ever brings anything to gatherings that I host. It doesn't really bother me, because I realize their standards are different. But I would feel completely rude and unmannerly if I didn't bring something. It's not even a family dynamic, since my own family doesn't expect it.. my mother just added it to her "basic manners" lesson, along with saying thank you and chewing with your mouth closed.
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