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November 21st, 2010, 05:18 AM
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Maybe I'm not a proper Atheist...but...I don't get that FSM thing??

Am I ignorant or uneducated?

In order to be a real Agnostic/Atheist person, do I need to fully understand and comprehend what FSM stands for?

No offense to anyone...As this is my personal opinion...and MY reason for being Atheist...well, a major reason...

I don't follow church, and I don't like the idea of having to follow someone else's ideals...

And to be a part of something sometimes really, repulses me.

To me, that's what church is...

Something to follow, either for fear, or because you don't know any better. Or to belong to something, that comes close to your way of thinking. I try not to be negative...because I say..."Hey, to each their own...if religion makes you happy, then good for's just not for me, because religion pisses me off, actually"

That's what I don't like about religion.

And I've seen many times...that FSM is a group of people who (I'm guessing) jokingly formed this because of something to do with education. (Or maybe not so much as jokingly...)

I kind of see it as a sarcastic cult, if you may.

Which stands against my personal beliefs. LOL...(I don't like following the herd, in other words)

Please please please, don't be offended. I am not here to stir an argument...But I do feel kinda, dumb, if you may...for not fully idolizing FSM. (Not dumb, per se...but kind of out of the loop...if you may)

I just don't get it :shrug:

So, someone care to enlighten me?

I've wikipedia'ed FSM...and I understand some stuff about it...
But, I don't really care about certain things, and I don't throw hissy fits when it comes to the public school system...The way I see it...I chose to enroll my I know what comes of that.

Either way...I'm hoping I'm not upsetting any of I've noticed a whole lot of you girls talk or mention FSM...

Like that whole Holiday decorating with the Spaghetti monster doesn't make sense to me...

I'm sorry if I make no sense...and please don't be offended...

I know a lot of times it's very hard to read ones posts the way we meant to voice them...but I promise I'm not trying to be an arse here...

Thank you Tasha_Mae for my spooky siggy
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