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November 21st, 2010, 06:12 AM
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I'm not sure what Wikipedia has to say on the matter, but - the FSM was invented to challenge the Board of Education in Kansas re: teaching intelligent design in schools. He asserted that the Christian POV doesn't have any more proof of reality than his theory on the FSM, and so the FSM should be afforded equal time as the Christian belief of intelligent design in the classroom. It was started as a joke, and has gained a lot of followers. Do I actually believe that a deity made from spaghetti created the world? No. But it's just as believable as the idea that God created the world. It makes a good point about how much we are expected to accept blindly and believe. The FSM has become a sort of mascot for a lot of Atheists and Agnostics.
See also: invisible pink unicorn.

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Originally Posted by The Gracie View Post
But, I don't really care about certain things, and I don't throw hissy fits when it comes to the public school system...The way I see it...I chose to enroll my I know what comes of that.
Religion has no place in school. If I'm paying to send my kid to the school (I pay taxes, therefore I pay for public school... Like pretty much everyone does), I'll be ****** if she's going to be taught superstitious crap like it's fact. And I'm not shelling out $25,000 a year for private school in an attempt to shield her from the religious folks. If a parent wants their child to learn the theory of ID like it's a cold hard fact, they can send their kid to a school that gets its funding from the church instead of the government.
I fully respect that there are differences in belief, even within the A/A parenting board, but public education is a different matter. Religious people + indifferent atheists = religious education in public schools. I'm not okay with that sort of thing happening.

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