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November 21st, 2010, 07:26 AM
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Thank you so much for explaining this to me.

I must say tho, that I am indifferent when it comes to teaching religion in public schools. However, only reason I say that is because I'm open minded...and don't want to seclude my daughter on forming her own opinions. Surely, I wouldn't want her becoming the exact opposite of me...but, I would support her.

It's not my daughter's schools' job to teach her religion...but, religion is a part of history...and I was taught it in public school when I was a child as well.

Religion has got us to where we are today. Thankfully here in this country we are free to move aside from it...but, major reason things exist is because of religion.

I'm not trying to disagree with you...not at all...But I don't feel that strongly against it.

I think it's better to be educated on religion, than not know anything of it.
And I completely agree on us parents who send our children to public school. We pay our taxes, we pay for school. IE, we pay for taxes, we also pay for our military, welfare...all that stuff...And we've every right to form an opinion.

But yes, we all have different views...I'm just not that strongly against it.

Honestly. It's not harming my daughter to learn about monarchs and stuff. I always found that fascinating...guess I'm morbid that

But I grately appreciate you replying to me.

I had a long, quiet night at work...and was wondering.

I still do feel it's a bit crazy that FSM has my reason for not liking religion is that whole "Follower" thing...go figure. LOL But I think that's a human thing in general...right??

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