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November 21st, 2010, 10:12 AM
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I am the same way as you...I don't like the whole follower idea that goes with church. Many people only to go to church because they feel like they have to in order to belong. I hate that. The point of church is supposed to be to worship the god you so believe in. But many churches have gotten to the point where it is only social hour, a place to show off the new car, the nice clothes and the donation you can make. I hate that it has gotten away from being the place where you go to actually worship the person you preach about.

That being said....
I do not believe that the FSM is real...nor do I think that it should be worshipped, but I think it is funny and will read and look at pictures and laugh and enjoy. It is something that when looked at in the same sense as religion, makes people realize that religion can't be as trusted as people think it is.

living in small town Iowa leaves me very few choices for school. You either drive 60 miles for private, or you enroll in public education. The school system here is run in an okay fashion. My children are only in 1st grade and Kindergarten so we haven't gotten very far into the school to really know all that is involved.

I found out last year that my son's kindergarten teacher told him that god created the dinosaurs and then he destroyed them and then made people. I was PISSED. But, instead of going off on the school system, I talked to my son about religion and god and dinosaurs and left it alone. If it happens again, I will make sure to put an end to it. Religion needs to be taught...with this statement I agree. HOWEVER. It needs to be taught from an EDUCATIONAL stand point, NOT a standpoint that is making it seem as though it happened a certain way. That is my job as a parent.

I took World Religions in my college courses and it taught it exactly how it should be taught. Educational points only. It talked about the history, the beliefs, but did not push the readers to choose one way or another. That is how it should be taught in our school systems.

So, I agree with you....know exactly where you are coming, but still enjoy the comical nature of FSM! It gets the other side all riled up and sometimes...its funny LOL
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