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November 21st, 2010, 08:05 PM
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Yes, in my thirties, after I married, and was dealing with a lot of health problems (pcos, obesity, pre-diabetes and fibromyalgia) through my thirties, and also having miscarriages and the ensuing depression, my sister (11 year older) was quite fierce about my not even trying to have children. Her vehement lack of support hurt me very much, even though by 39 I was ready to quit trying, too.

After losing over a hundred pounds in the past three years, walking 5-10 miles per day, healthy diet, type II diabetes under good control, fibromyalgia managed naturally, the PCOS symptoms diminished, and I had a normal 28 day cycle for the first time in my life for the past couple years. My body has been feeling better than it ever has, very definitely tapping into some latent woman power at 45! *lol*

Then I had some emotional setbacks in the last year - my dear old daddy died at 85 yo from a sudden stroke; and my nephew, within the same year, died at 34, as a victim of hit and run near his home when he was out jogging. And so I have been struggling with a severe fibro flare up, and depression, and some weight gain ... but I still feel better physically than I did in my thirties.

And a couple of weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant. I would be around 11 weeks now, but I have a blood mass (hematoma) sharing space in my uterus and a lot of bleeding, and even though the heartbeat is still strong, they have told me to prepare for miscarriage. This is the first time I have carried long enough to become aware of the heartbeat and life inside. Even though this was unplanned, we want her.

And, guess what? I have not shared with my sister or my mother because I just do not want to hear the lectures. It is difficult because I would like their emotional support. Since I live 1500 miles away, I can pretty much keep it all a secret until I have a good report. If it ends badly, I will probably never tell them, because we will probably want to try again.
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