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July 7th, 2006, 05:13 PM
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Ok I am not pregnant at the moment but for my next baby I would like to have a natural birth. With DS I didnt really have any options in my birth ecperience. I was induced at 34 weeks becuase of severe pre-e and they wanted me to have an epidural because of my blood pressure. I wanted it anyway because I was unprepared and once they broke my water I was in delrious pain and had no idea what to do. My induction was relatively easy. I was only in active labour for about 2 hours if that.

I have a very low tolerance for pain. I mean really low. Is there any certain technique or class or method I should learn/take? Which one would be best?? I want to be prepared way ahead of time!!! And hopefully I wont have to be induced again!!

Should I just take the drugs and save myself the worry? lol I dont want to! I want to have a really successful breastfeeding experience from the start. Isaiah had to goto NICU and I didnt even get to nurse him till the next day and even then he was very sleepy and couldnt latch well. It took him two weeks to get the hang of it and till I could bring him home.

Thanks so much!
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