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November 24th, 2010, 06:25 PM
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Not to JM. Been on JM since September 2008.
my Daughter was a hospital birth with midwives, and for this birth we are planning a home birth.
I wanted a home birth when I was pregnant with my daughter, but we had BIL living with us..and I just felt really uncomfortable with the idea. And it is a good thing too..becuase when my water broke he followed me around trying to make sure I was okay..I doubt he would have made himself scarce during a birth lol...not to mention his big furry husky that shed like mad.
Anyways providing I still qualify when I go into labour we are 100% ready to birth at home.
I am currently buying all of the needed supplies for the birth, extras, and I dont know exactly what they mean when they say soft towels how soft do they need to be? is it to wipe and bundle baby?
I dont consider our current towels soft I bought some more..but the list says 4-12..that is ALOT of towels!
Having never done this before, what are the towels for? lol
any suggestions on maing a tarp on the bed stay put? my water broke in bed last time, and as I get closer to my due date I would like my bed tarped..I dont want to ruin our new mattress. I tried putting down a light plastic drop sheet..but the top sheet slid off throught he night..and it wasnt comfortable sleeping on plastic
My bed is on not on a is on a boxspring on the floor..Should I put it on a frame so the midwives dont have to be on their knees to deliver..if I choose the bed to deliver on?

SO many questions! I plan to ask my midwife these questions when she comes for the home visit..and can get a better idea of where we will be birthing..but I would love some input from experienced women!

anyways, I am off to read the birth stories! So happy I found this board!

oh yeah, my name is Amanda, my DD is Sophia, my DH is Chris. I am currently 33 weeks pregnant, expecting on January 9th. The midwives are expecting an earlier delivery date because my daughter was born 38 weeks..hoiping to make it to january 1st at least! I actually would LOVE to go overdue!
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