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November 26th, 2010, 11:04 AM
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My kids all think it's odd when they hear about a baby being born in a hospital. #1 knows he was, but he also knows that we didn't know about hb at the time. And our closest friend here has had her #2 and #3 at home and will have the rest of her babies at home too God willing. So that's the norm to them. Same with bfing...I don't let them have baby bottles because I want bfing to be the norm. They know some moms can't/won't bf and they have to use bottles, but we don't use them here and that God made a mom's body to bf and a baby's body to be bf'd. Since we plan to continue having babies until menopause (I'm 28), there will be new babies/births/bfing in our house pretty much constantly as the older kids grow up, and when my body is finally done, the other kids will be having babies, so the younger ones will see that too.
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