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November 26th, 2010, 02:15 PM
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I'm glad the appointment went OK. I will be interested to hear what you and your docs decide about the cerclage--I may be in the same position with my pregnancy, since my water broke early Jim and that's why he was so premature. I was just luckier than you in that it happened at 27 weeks instead of 17, so his lungs were developed enough for him to survive. My peri has told me that I have about a 10% chance of it happening again, and if I get through the next pregnancy with no issues, then I could probably have 100 babies without it happening again. But he said if I'm the 10% that has it happen again, it'll probably happen in every subsequent pregnancy. His plan for me is to follow me very closely, with ultrasounds every 2 weeks starting around 16 weeks to check my cervix. I'm also going to be asking for P17 shots, did your doc say anything about those? I have a friend from the NICU whose son was also early because of PPROM, and she did the P17 shots with her second pregnancy, and it was a picture perfect pregnancy. Let's hope you and I are as lucky with our next pregnancies!
~Beth in Seattle

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