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July 7th, 2006, 08:58 PM
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I was always a bad child I got into alot of fights with my parents and siblings so I met a bad boy that smoked drinked and stayed out all night we dated for 2yrs at that time I know I was really stupid he was very abusive mentally and physically I was only 18 when we met. One day I noticed my period was missing so we went and got a test and I took it and it was + I was scared half to death because of the situation I was in I dont believe in abortion so I knew that was out of the question when he found out I was in fact pregnant he demanded me not to tell anyone about my pregnancy so I stayed quiet even when I was growing my friends didnt say anything until one day I was throwing up and crying at that time I was 31 weeks pregnant and havent gone to the dr when my friends found out I was pregnant they demanded that I tell my boyfriend that I needed to get to the dr which he wouldnt take me to my friend took me they told me I had alot of protein in my urine and I did the 24 hour test. The same day my friend mentioned adoption I was open to it because I knew I couldnt bring a child into the way I was living we went to a place called Catholic Charities and met with a WONDERFUL woman who gave me some profiles to look at I looked at 1 and I knew I found the right couple they had a misscarriage of triplets 3yrs before this and they just looked like a really loving couple who deserve to be parents we agreed to meet up the next week. 2 days later I went back to the dr and she said nothing has has changed that I was being admitted to the hospital because of pre-eclampsia I was 32 weeks right at that time I was scared out of my mind! I welcomed him into the world that night at 10:25pm via emergency c-section he was only 3lbs 12 oz he was sooooooo tiny I got to hold him the next day since I had the c-section and he was in the NICU. 2 days later the adoption agency came in and talked to me about signing the papers it was the hardest thing in the world but I knew I couldnt do it the couple were down in the hospital lobby waiting to meet us at this time about 10 minutes after I met the couple I knew they were the ones ( I knew from seeing there profile but this brought more closure to me) and I signed the papers right away I got to hand him over into HER arms and say here is your son. the next day I spent about 5 hours in the NICU saying good bye to him(they let me see him even though I signed the papers). It was the hardest thing in the world but I know he is in a loving caring home that he is being taken care of not like I could have. Right now I have a semi open adoption where I get pictures and letters every year. Well thats my story I'm very sorry about the paragraphs i'm not really good at this but i'm getting better.
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