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November 27th, 2010, 10:51 PM
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Things went REALLY well...We LOVED the midwife and her assistant. We're not overly religious, but DH and I were both raised with religious values, and the midwife is very God hubby is Catholic and he finds that VERY reassuring.

The midwife's name is Judy, which was my mom's name (My mom passed away when I was 17) so I feel very confident in her because of her name. (Ive never met another Judy since my mom passed) and the DEM's history is really amazing.

DH was all gung ho to agree to the homebirth, until she said she has 6 other babies due in April (only 2 due in may, but who really knows when you'll go, ya know?) and our doula did her last birth with her, and Judy was unable to make it. She has great backup, but her backup is uneasy about taking us because of our location (Judy was totally cool with it, she actually shocked us and said she does a LOT of births in our area, which blows my mind because our local hospital has (literally) a 87% c-section rate)

Sam also feels a sort of...obligation? to our current midwife, and he also is afraid of not having the time to build the rapport with Judy that we have with Heather because I am basically at the halfway point of my pregnancy..and Heather has done 1.5 worth of prenatal appts to really earn his trust, plus really stood by his side during Brylie's birth. I am definitely able to see where Sam is coming we're going to stick with our hospital birth for Bebo, but 99% sure we will be homebirthing with Judy next time. I have to call her tomorrow and tell her no, which I am nervous about! I don't like making those kinds of phone calls!

Her rate is $1500, and then you pay x amount at each appt for mileage, and then $50.00 for a birth kit. She has a birth pool that is included in the price, but if the backup MW would come she does not have a birth pool. She also has a book out that I bought from her (she wrote it in jail ) and it's really helping me get to "know" her better. She was very honest and upfront about her history, she told us she has had 2 babies die after transfer (done over 1000 births) and both because they were just too big to come out on their own..both had s/d and their head was out quite awhile before their body (one was 12.8# and one was 14#) and even using the gaskin method, she was unable to get them out - and she was very honest and said that because of those losses, she monitors size pretty closely..she said almost obsessively.

all in all, it was a really, really great appt and we're so excited to work with her.

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