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November 29th, 2010, 07:16 AM
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I know for many of us, this is a dirty subject!

I dislike is a never ending process!

If I take a day off, I have tons more to do and well it is a no win situation.

I make my own laundry soap..great fun and all, but it is not whitening enough and a few drops of essential oils don't leave my laundry with that lovely fresh laundered scent, in fact you can't even smell it.

What kind of washer/dryer do you have?

I have a top loader washer..cheapest you can get. No hot water setting. Will only rinse in cold..if I turn the cold water off for a hot water wash, it won't pull any hot water for a will just sit there waiting for the cold water to be turned back on. I have 2 settings, large and small load..nothing else. I can wash as cotton/heavy or permanent press.
My dryer is a dryer..perm press or cotton/heavy timed..that is all.

While I am grateful for these (inlaws bought them 3 years ago for us)..I hate them. I wanted to be the one to pick out my washer..I wouldn't have gone top of the line or anything since I wasn't paying for them, but I would have gone one step up. They are a family of 2 and have a nicer washer than we do and they only use 1 sure would have been nice to have the option for more. I am being selfish I is just a daily struggle especially since we cloth diaper and need more than a warm water wash cycle without having to turn off the cold water everytime.

Anyway..tell me about your laundry!
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