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November 29th, 2010, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by 4fornow View Post
I feel your laundry pain!
I actually don't mind doing it, it's putting it away that stinks. I do a load a day, but if I miss a day, there's 3 loads..which doesn't equal out in the math department? Who knows?
I often hear, "Mom...where's my (insert whatever favorite thing they like to wear everyday here)?" My reply is always the same.."probably in the basket.."
As for washer and dryer. I have average machines, no bells and whistles. I always wash in cold water, unless it's something awful and it needs hot.
You make your own detergent? about some info on this.. Thanks!
"a" load a day I do 3 a day..easy..more if I wash the bed takes 3 1/2 loads just for the entire houses bed stuff..okay more like 4 1/2.

I usually wash in cold also, but like hot for the diapers, towels, whites and bedstuffs.


Bar soap (I use Zote, only thing available here, but Nel Falstha or something like that)
Borax Washing stuff 1/2 c
Washing Soda 1/2 c
Essential oil of your choice if you choose

Grind bar soap (shred..whatever) into 4 cups hot water. Put on stove and heat until it is all melted.
Pour into 5 gal bucket half full with hot water (tap hot..not stove hot), add borax, soda and a few drops of oil, continue filling til full (hot water).
Close lid and let sit overnight.
It will gel up quite well especially if in a cool area
The next day give it a good stir, mix altogether, then take 1/2 of that bucket and put into another 5 gal bucket then top both buckets with hot water.

You will have to mix before use (you can put some into an old detergent container, just shake before use).

this is a non sudsing detergent so if you look in your laundry you won't find bubbles..don't fear the clothes are getting clean!

I am going to add more borax to mine and more essential oil so I get the smell and whiter whites!

Originally Posted by ~mommy~ View Post
Small stack machines, it was all that would fit in our old house.
I use Tide detergent, borax for brightening and Clorox bleach for whites.
Dh dreams of buying me commercial grade machines, but something else always comes up. I would be happy with exactly what you described you want. Mine does have awesome cycle choices they are just small. Fortunately for now most of their clothes are still small, maybe we'll be able to swing it by the time their clothes get big.

I couldn't imagine having only stackmachines..I would never make it.
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