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November 29th, 2010, 09:19 PM
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i wanted to let everyone know that in may i got pregnant with an IUD the copper one . i lost the baby . it was a good thing i had lost my job . but now i just found out that im pregnant again . and the first IUD i had for just under 2 years . the second about 4 months . i went to the Dr and hospital for a sono and the IUD is in perfect place just like it should be . im not over weight or under and yet i got pregnant on it twice in one year . can anyone tell me what happen to the if they had the same problem and what happen after it was taken out (the IUD) ?? also the hospital told me yesterday that i will most likely get pregnant every time i use an IUD now . cause once it happens once it will happen again . im that 1% and we are just amazed !
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