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November 30th, 2010, 01:40 PM
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We have been putting off telling our family abotu the homebirth. My mom specifically isnt comfortable with the use of a midwife vs OB. My MIL hemmoraged after the birth of my DH so convincing her that the midwives bring Pitocin to help prevent post partum hemmorages was hard. My mom didnt say ALOT. my step dad jokingly said we would be kicked out of the apartment because of screaming..and what would I do when I decided I needed the epi. DH fielded the questions..I dont really do good under pressure. my step dad was easy to mom didnt say a whole lot. I assured them that every percaution is taken..and just because I am currently planning it..doesnt mean it will come to fruition. I have a whole list of criteria I have to meet before the midwives will deliver at home..and any sign of anything I am thrown in an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. I think that made them feel better..but my mom hasnt said much to me at all.
Convincing my MIL was pretty easy.our Chiropractor is a huge home birth advocate..and even before we told her our choice our chiropractor was telling her all the wonderful things about home birth.
noone is jumping for joy..but at least everyone knows.
The only supportive person is my grandmother and if you knew her you would understand why it is funny
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