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October 4th, 2004, 08:45 AM
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thanx all for the support....i thought I was crazy, i KNEW they were pricks for that but my family is always like "well you couldve prevented it by just not going to the park, or something" anyways i ended up getting the stupid title back in my name and getting new plates which was like 200 dollars and then i got my balljoint fixed which was 150 dollars and THEN i got 2 new tires which was 120 dollars ugh and now i STILL have to get NEW tie rods AND an alignment...which adds up to over 200 dollars...that ###### car i swear....i spent 500 dollars this month on it alone...since i got it last september ive put 2000 dollars in it for repairs!! i am NOT exaggerating either...but i cant get another car from a dealer becauae i dont have any credit really and no one will co sign for me so im stuff with this thing...word of advice: NEVER EVER GET A LUMINA!!!! lol but at least i got something done with my check.......
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