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July 8th, 2006, 11:23 PM
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Has anyone seen the book Back Labor No More? I heard about it through my Hypnobabies study. It is one of the recommended books. Before reading it, I thought that back labor was only caused by a posterior baby, so I'd been checking out spinningbabies and being sure I have good posture to keep my baby in the right position! I learned that there are other factors in back labor though... If someone has a back injury, it's almost guaranteed she will have back labor. The other 2 factors cited in the book are hereditary: a short torso and a sway-back posture. (Sway back is when your lower back has a little extra arch.) It explains the physiology behind back labor and helps you understand what you need to do to help the contractions push the baby past your backbone more quickly to lessen the pressure on the back.

I recognized that I have a sway back, and started wondering if that would be a problem for me, even though I have a long torso. Sure enough, I spoke with my dad's sisters over 4th of July and they all had back labor, along with my grandma. I went back and read the book more thoroughly so I'll understand a bit better. Many of the ideas for a posterior baby also take pressure off of the back, but if you think you inherited a predisposition to back labor, this book has more info that is helpful.
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