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July 9th, 2006, 06:18 AM
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I have nothing good to say about them. I got sucked in when my last baby was born, and I thought ohhow nice a free 5x7 yadda yadda. Well then a few weeks later the salesman comes along and we end up getting stuck with a $700 bill. It was right before christmas and we thought that we would order our parents each a collage and get ourselves one too. They promisedus they would be at our door the monday of the week before christmas. They arrived on Dec. 23,the best part,they had sent me photos of the wrong kids!!!! I was furious, I called into the office only for the secretary to ask me "are you sure they aren't your kids in the pictures?" HELLO, i am positive they are not my children! They told me that UPS wouldn'tbe ableto pick them up until the next day (christmas eve) and we would get our pictures then. We called UPS in the mean time and they said they could have cometo get them and take them back. Anyway to make an already long story short, we did get some compensation from it not much but once this baby is born I do not want them anywhere near my home. I'm sure that some people have had good experiences with them, but most people that I have talked to about them have nothing real great to say about them. Sorry for the long rant!
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