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December 2nd, 2010, 01:52 PM
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I recently had a genetic specialist lecture me about not getting PG again. She went on and on about my helth and my duty to my DD and it would be selfish to go and get pregnant again. She even said, "I get it you are young, in a new relationship and all of your friends are doing it, so why wouldn't you want to do it? Well they dont face the problems you might face!

She thinks there is a slight possiblity I could have Ehlers danlos syndrome, which the one type could be dangerous. But, I talked to my OB yesterday and he said, IF I got pg and we find out I do in fact have it, there are things to do do keep me safe, he is not too concerned. In fact on my way out the door he said, "keep having intercourse, the wise thing might be to wait and see for sure, but, I am not too concerned"

But my parents think it would be stupid to get pg, I have researched and researched and talked to my OB. I am going to go ahead with the testing but, if it happens in ther meantime....we go from there! I know there is a possiblity I may not be able to carry another pregnancy to term, and my OB is ready to try his best, while working with a high risk dr to keep me pregnant and healthy both, in the event of another pregnancy!
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