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December 2nd, 2010, 11:19 PM
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I was panicking all last month because my period hadn't come. I hadn't had a normal period since the beginning of Oct. I had some spotting late Oct. Then Nothing! I had a growing suspicion, curiosity, and fear that I might be pregnant. I started to eat healthy without trying to act suspicious around family members. I knew I had to work harder and more hours at my job, so I went into work on a Saturday and my aunt (who is my boss) told me that she might fire me. I was so depressed thinking about how I could be pregnant and not have a job that I walked outside and called my mom, asking if we could hang out that night. She asked if I thought I was pregnant (because I was crying and I said that I was a failure at life).
We went to WalMart to buy pregnancy tests (took us forever and a half to find them) and then we went to the mall. I walked into the bathroom, took the test and it quickly displayed "Pregnant." A lady watched me walk out of the stall showing my mom the result and she asked me how I felt. I couldn't speak. I wasn't sure what I was feeling. I was excited, scared, nervous, anxious, worried, happy, sad, and every other emotion under the rainbow. I thought my whole family would hate me.
Turns out my family reacted very well. My boyfriend asked me to marry him, and we will be having our wedding in January My first u/s is tomorrow at 9am! I can't wait now. Now that I know my family doesn't hate me, I'm happy about my pregnancy.

Long story short, I felt every emotion under the sun. Haha!
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